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Keep your bedroom as your clean and cozy sanctuary.

Whether you spend time cuddling with your pets, chilling while watching movies, or sleeping all day and night, keep air circulating on your mattress to avoid growth of fungi in between, nothing beats a comfortable sleep in a cleaned mattress!

Anti-Bacterial Control

Steam cleaning technology eliminates the bacteria and fungi that causes foul odor.

Odor Management

Mattresses undergone a process upon sanitation that keeps the odor fresh and clean

Hygienic Cleaning

Mattresses are guaranteed to be clean and cozy after intensive cleaning processes

Material Check-up

Mattress cover and foam condition are check to ensure quality

Durability Test

Conditions of the cleaned mattress are tested to ensure the quality of the product

Superior Protection

Nothing beats cleaned mattress for the health of the whole family


To further help and guide you finding the right mattress for you and your family, here’s a detailed guide according to your comfortability:

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