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5 of the Best Mattress for Back Pain on a Budget

Back pain can be quite a terrible experience anyone can have. The best mattress for back pain on a budget can provide you with restful sleep that will leave you feeling more energized during the day. While numerous causes exist, resting on an uncomfortable and unsupportive mattress might significantly influence it.

Sleep is an important way for the body to recover. Pain in your upper or lower back can make it hard for you to sleep. If you already have upper or lower back pain, sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t provide enough support for good sleep posture and spinal alignment can worsen it. If you have back pain and a medium-firm mattress, your mattress may need to be updated.

What Kind of Mattress Is Best If You Have Back Pain?

In the past, doctors would tell you to get a firmer mattress. On the other hand, very soft mattresses are only sometimes a good thing. Even though they can mold your body’s shape, you could sink into them in a way that twists your joints, makes them misalign, and causes pain.
You can’t find a perfect mattress anywhere. But there’s one that makes you feel the most at ease. The best mattress makes you feel like you are floating in the air. Most of the time, a medium mattress is the best mattress for back pain on a budget because it gives you a good balance of comfort and spinal alignment.

What Thickness of Mattress Is Best for Back Pain?

Luxury, comfort, and a good night’s sleep are all linked to the thickness of a mattress. Everyone wants to sleep in a comfortable bed every night. When shopping for a new mattress, the height can help you figure out how comfortable it might be.

How comfortable you are depending on how thick your mattress is. Sleeping on a mattress that is too thin or thick can make it hard to get a good night’s rest, which can be bad for your health. The thickness of a mattress is also called its height or depth. People often call mattresses more than 16 inches thick “extra deep” or “extra tall.”

The height of your bed will also depend on how thick your mattress is. The best height for the top of your bed is 25 inches from the floor. This way, when you sit on the edge of the bed, your feet can reach the floor. It makes it easy to get in and out of bed.

There are no rules about how thick a mattress should be. Most good mattresses are between eight and fourteen inches thick.

A thick mattress is easier to get in and out of, but a thin one may need extra support for a good night’s sleep. If you buy a mattress between 10 and 14 inches thick, you get a good balance between too thick and too thin. Choosing the best mattress for back pain between 10 and 14 inches thick is best, depending on your needs and the materials used to make it.

Is a Softer or Firmer Mattress Better for Back Pain?

Med-firm is the best mattress for back pain on a budget to avoid back pain. They are firm enough to support the body’s weight and keep the spine in the right place. Plus, they have enough give to hug the body’s natural shape and keep hips from getting tight.

But now things start to get a little trickier. How firm we want our mattress to also depend on how much we weigh and how we sleep. People who weigh more tend to find firmer mattresses more comfortable on the back because the best mattress for low back pain can better support and distribute their weight. People who weigh less often find that firm mattresses are too hard on their joints and prefer softer ones where they can sink in.

best mattress for back pain on a budget, best mattress for back pain on a budget under 500, best mattress for back pain, best mattress for low back pain

Most people who sleep on their side like softer mattresses because they are easier on their hip, knee, and elbow joints. Most people who sleep on their back or stomach do better on a firm mattress. When deciding what’s best for your back, it’s important to consider all these things. Firm or soft is only one part of the equation.

Which Mattress is Good to Avoid Back Pain?

It’s hard to detect if your mattress is causing back pain because several things can. Your mattress may be too soft, causing morning backaches.

You may also find that you toss and turn all night long. Back pain can be helped by how the spine is set up. You should change your mattress if you have upper or lower back pain.

Here are some of the best mattress for back pain on a budget under 500 that you should try.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is a terrific reasonable alternative if you’re searching for a high-quality mattress that’s beneficial for back problems and won’t break the budget. Due to its all-foam structure, it provides the slow-moving feel of memory foam without the price tag of other high-end beds. You should feel a lot of pressure-relieving comfort and contouring, which is ideal for those with upper back muscular problems.

Saatva Mattress

If you have back pain and like a more traditional mattress, the Saatva could be a good choice. It has two sets of coils and a pillow top to make it more comfortable. You can choose from different firmness levels, but if you have back pain, the Luxury Firm model should be the best choice.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress

Seniors will need a balance of comfort and support when it comes to back pain. Their bed should be slightly soft, but they won’t want to get too comfortable in it. The top comfort layers of the mattress are soft, and a 6″ support layer made of individually wrapped ascension coils gives older people a little lift.


Zoned mattresses may be suitable for people with extra midsection weight. Most people should find a comfortable and supportive WinkBed, a luxury hybrid with four firmness options. The company’s generous return policy lets you exchange your initial selection if it’s too soft or firm.

DreamCloud Premier Rest

Luxury hybrid DreamCloud Premier Rest Mattress has adaptive comfort layers and a strong support system. Testers found the thick pocketed coils maintained an even surface and minimized midsection sinkage, a common source of aches and pains. Medium feel cushions the shoulders, lower back, and hips. Budget shoppers will appreciate the affordable pricing and generous sleep trial.


Back discomfort can be caused by various circumstances, making it difficult to determine whether or not your mattress is to blame. If you wake up with more back pain, your mattress isn’t supportive enough. You may also find yourself spinning around all night.

best mattress for back pain on a budget, best mattress for back pain on a budget under 500, best mattress for back pain, best mattress for low back pain

No matter how you sleep, a mattress that doesn’t support you enough can worsen it. Try to find the best mattress for back pain on a budget with layers of foam or a hybrid system that gives you medium-firm support, and always choose a company with a long in-home trial period. Visit Call-a-Mattress to learn more about the mattress that’s right for you.

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