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Top 3 Best Soft Mattress for Everyone this 2023

Many people prefer mattresses that have a plush, cloud-like feel to them. Soft mattresses that cradle and contour to the body are often the best soft mattress for people weighing less than 130 pounds. Side sleepers require extra cushioning for the shoulders and hips to ensure even alignment and less pressure along the spine.

Because they are so comfortable, soft mattresses may appeal to people. However, soft mattresses may also aid in resolving frequent sleep problems like pressure point relief, temperature regulation, and motion isolation.

Which Type of Mattress is the Softest?

Petite sleepers prefer soft mattresses because they can gently contour to cradle lighter sleepers. However, larger people often sink too deeply into them, so you’ll need something firmer. A soft mattress is one of your finest options if you want to sleep on your side.

The best soft mattresses provide the sleeper with adequate support because overly soft mattresses can eventually lead to problems with joint pressure and spinal alignment. The ideal situation is to have just the right amount of decadent softness with a dash of mattress firmness for pressure relief.

People have different tastes regarding what kind of mattresses they want. Some people may like a soft, sinkable mattress that molds to their body and helps relieve joint and muscle pain. A soft mattress could also help light sleepers who have trouble falling asleep on a firmer one.

Consider your preferences and any health conditions, including back discomfort, while choosing a soft mattress. Back and stomach sleepers may prefer a firm mattress. Also, people who weigh more may need to be more comfortable on soft mattresses. But a best mattress soft might be good for relieving pressure points.

Many mattress brands let people try them out for 100 nights or more so they can see how they feel and return them if they don’t work. If someone worries about their sleep or has back pain that won’t go away, they should talk to a doctor or nurse for advice.

Is It Better to Sleep on a Soft Mattress?

Different firmness levels for mattresses, from soft to medium-soft, medium-firm, and firm. Even though the best soft mattress might seem like the best way to get a good night’s sleep, is it a good idea to sleep on one? The easy answer is that it depends.

The type of mattress you’ve used your whole life will be the most important factor in determining how firm a mattress you should get. If you usually sleep on a medium or firm mattress and feel rested and refreshed when you wake up, it’s probably best to stick with what you know.

But if you don’t like your medium or firm mattress, try a soft or medium-soft one. But remember that this style works for some people but not others.

Lighter persons, side sleepers, people with joint discomfort, and people who share a bed with a restless spouse may benefit from a softer mattress. Those with back problems or mobility issues, larger or heavier people, back or front sleepers, or hot sleepers should avoid soft mattresses. Though these are recommendations, personal preference will play a role.

What is the Difference Between a Plush and a Soft Mattress?

The thickness of the comfort layers, which are the top layers of a bed and what you’ll feel when you sleep, determines how firm a mattress is. The comfort layers of soft mattresses are thicker, while the comfort layers of firm mattresses are thinner.

Mattress firmness is graded on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Plush beds and firm beds are at opposite ends of the scale. The main things that determine whether you want a soft or firm mattress are your body weight and how you sleep.

best soft mattress, best soft mattress for side sleepers, best soft mattresses, best mattress soft, best soft mattress for back pain

Plush Mattress

A plush mattress has a comfort layer that is thick and soft. Softer beds respond well to small body weight and feel very soft.

A soft bed relieves pain and pressure points because it has extra padding. Side sleepers need pressure relief because pressure builds up on their shoulders and hips when they sleep. So, the best soft mattress for side sleepers is usually soft so that the shoulders and hips don’t hurt and the spine is aligned correctly.

Soft Mattress

The best soft mattress has thin comfort layers, and most of them are made of support layers, which are stiff and long-lasting. Soft beds don’t give much, so you won’t sink in too much and won’t feel too much like you’re being held.

Back and stomach sleepers want firm, supportive beds. Sleeping on your back or stomach may cause your hips to sink into a softer bed, misaligning your spine. It only makes the lower back hurt, makes it stiff, and makes it hard to sleep. Most of the time, medium to medium-firm mattresses are the best soft mattress for back pain.

Even though soft and plush mattresses can be great, remember that you don’t have to choose between them. They are at opposite ends of the scale for a mattress’s firm, but you can find medium-soft, medium, and medium-firm beds within this scale. These mattresses have fewer out-of-the-ordinary features, and most sleep better on them.

Who Has the Best Plush Mattress?

We understand the appeal of soft mattresses despite some mattress salespeople and reviews’ concerns about durability and spine alignment. Find a mattress that relieves pressure and creates a cozy cocoon. Nonetheless, some sleepers struggle with plush mattresses. It is primarily due to construction flaws certain brands exploit to generate that fluffy sensation.

Many mattress brands sell the best soft mattress, but Dreamcloud, Puffy, and Brooklyn Bedding are some of the best. Beautyrest and Stearns & Foster are two popular brands in stores but get mixed customer reviews.


The Puffy mattress is comparable to Tempur® products in pressure relief, yet costs hundreds less. The mattress is cooling and pressure-relieving for side sleepers who desire a pillowy feel.

Brooklyn Bedding

There are many different hybrid and all-foam mattresses available from Brooklyn Bedding. One of the main things that set them apart is that they own their factory. Because of this, they can save more money and give it to their customers. In particular, their high-end Aurora Luxe mattress has a soft firmness option that is very good at relieving pressure and is very comfortable without sacrificing durability.


While Dreamcloud started with one medium firmness mattress, they now offer a sumptuous plush mattress, the DreamCloud Premier Rest. It feels like a luxury hotel mattress with plenty of pressure relief but is durable and supportive. Larger people may prefer DreamCloud Premier or DreamCloud due to its softness. These luxurious mattresses are comfy and durable, ranging from 14″ to 16″.

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Sleep is essential for general health and well-being. A comfortable mattress with a suitable combination of comfort and support can assist a person in enhancing the quality and duration of their sleep.

When looking for the best soft mattress, a person should think about their preferences and any health issues, like back pain, that they might have. Those who lay on their backs or stomachs could prefer a firmer mattress. Visit Call-a-Mattress to find out more about mattresses.

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