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A Proper Disposal of Old Mattress

If your mattress is old or worn out, it needs proper disposal of old mattress. Mattresses are like light bulbs or batteries in that we don’t think much about them as long as they do their job. But when the light goes out, or a battery dies, you know right away and can get a new one.

Most people will only replace a mattress once it busts a spring or cracks, which is terrible for your health and can make it hard to sleep. You can recycle old mattresses, but you could also do old mattresses disposal and recycle old materials to make some cool conceptual art.

What Do I Do with an Old Mattress?

No matter how strong the materials are or how long they last, every mattress slept last night. An innerspring mattress gets weaker over time, the memory foam topper wears out, and the cover gets thin. Eventually, every mattress has to be thrown away. When it comes time to replace your mattress, you’ll need to decide what do you do with old mattresses.


Instead of throwing out their mattresses; many people give them to someone else. This is a wise thing to do regarding the disposal of old mattress. It is a great chance to help people in need and simultaneously make room for your new mattress. But it’s important to remember that you can’t give away every mattress.

Some mattresses are thrown away because they are old and no longer helpful. Don’t give away these mattresses.


Recycling is the next best thing if you plan the disposal of old mattress. This method is effective if you can’t find a good place to donate your mattress or if it’s no longer suitable for sleeping. Each mattress can take up to 40 cubic feet of space in a landfill, ending up there yearly. It adds a lot to the amount of trash in landfills, which causes major ecological and environmental problems and makes working conditions unsafe worldwide.

Get Rid of It

Sometimes, disposal of old mattress is hard, or recycling them is hard. Your mattress might need to be in better shape to donate, or you might need help finding a recycling center close enough to you to take it. If you can’t donate, give away, recycle, or repurpose your mattress for any reason, you can always throw it away.

Putting the mattress on the curb is only sometimes enough. Some states, cities, and villages restrict dumping away complete mattresses. Curled mattresses may not be picked up when the trash is collected, resulting in a ticket or fine.

Is It Ok to Sleep on an Old Mattress?

Between 7 and 10 years is a good average for most mattresses. But many things can affect how long a mattress lasts. The quality of the mattress when it was first made, the materials used, and even the weight and sleeping style of the people who use the bed can all affect how long it lasts.

Of course, mattresses don’t have a clear and specific “expiration date.” It is up to each person to decide when they need proper disposal of old mattress. We often get so used to our beds that we overlook when something is wrong. 

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At the same time, how well we sleep depends on how comfortable and supportive our mattress is. Even though mattresses can be expensive, it’s a good idea to get a new one every few years.

What Are the Signs of an Old Mattress?

When you can’t sleep, your mattress might not be the first thing you think about. But your body may tell you before your eyes that you need to know how to dispose of old mattress. Mattresses wear out or need to be replaced for many different reasons.

Soreness When You Wake Up

If you wake up with new aches and pains every day, you might need a new mattress. An old mattress can hurt your neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips. It happens when your mattress stops giving you the proper support. ‌

It Has Dust Mites

Mattresses attract dust mites. Dust mite allergies can make you sneeze, have watery eyes, have pain in your sinuses, and have a runny nose. Dust mites have less room to live in latex and foam mattresses than in innerspring ones. Dust mites can be eliminated by vacuuming or using a mattress protector on your bed. If you cannot get rid of it, then it might be high time for the disposal of old mattress.

Extreme Heat

If you are always hot in bed or wake up sweaty, you may need a new mattress. If you didn’t have trouble keeping the mattress at the right temperature when you first bought it, that’s a sign that it’s worn out. The materials will soften and make it harder for air to flow on the surface the longer you have the mattress. ‌

The Buildup of Allergies

Worn mattresses collect pet hair, mildew, mold, and other allergies. Your worn mattress may cause home allergens. Use a mattress base with airflow to prevent mold and mildew and a machine-washable mattress protector from decreasing allergens.

You Have Trouble Sleeping

Another thing that gives you enough reason when it comes to the disposal of old mattress is when you experience having trouble sleeping. Even if you don’t feel pain or have just learned to live with it, your mattress could make it hard for you to sleep. One way to find out is to spend one night in a different bed. If you sleep much better, looking for a new mattress is a good idea.

disposal of old mattress, old mattress, old mattresses disposal, what do you do with old mattresses, how to dispose of old mattress

Final Thoughts

A bad mattress can make you uncomfortable, making it harder to fall asleep and possibly waking you up more than once during the night. In turn, not getting enough sleep hurts your physical and mental health. Disposal of old mattress will not only save you money and trouble, but it will also help change the world.

Buying a good mattress is one of the easiest things you can do to sleep better and improve your overall health. Visit Call-a-Mattress for tips on how to choose a new mattress.

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