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The Importance of Bed Foundation and How It Improves Your Sleep

Once you find the right mattress, you need to make sure you have a bed foundation that will hold it well. You have a few choices regarding mattress foundations, but not all are the same. Which one would work best with your bed? We’ll talk more about this question today.

You will spend almost half of your life in bed, sleeping, relaxing, or even getting work done. When you spend a lot of money on a mattress, the last thing you want to do is put it on the floor. Your mattress helps you sleep, but it also needs help.

What Is a Bed Foundation?

A bed foundation is just the base that your mattress sits on. The most common type of what is a bed foundation is the box spring on a traditional bed frame. After that, the mattress goes on top of the box spring.

But as mattresses, like hybrid ones, have changed over time, mattress foundations have become much more helpful. The metal or wooden slats that hold up a platform bed provide a stable surface for your mattress. Some people may put their bed frames on the floor and the mattress on top.

Why Do You Need a Foundation for a Bed?

bed foundation, what is a bed foundation, mattress foundation frame, queen bed foundation, king bed foundation

A mattress foundation frame is made of solid wood with slats that replace a box spring. It can hold memory foam and latex mattresses. All mattresses need a mattress foundation because they need enough support to hold up under body weight and spread the pressure evenly.

Some warranties say the mattress can only be used with a specific base. It makes choosing a base easier. But if they don’t, it’s essential to know what base works best with the mattress’s material and design. Here is a list of different kinds of mattresses and what they are made of:

Hybrid Mattresses

The top of a hybrid mattress is soft foam and the bottom springs. Because of this, hybrid mattresses need a strong base, like a bunkie board, to stay in place and not sink. A hybrid mattress from Amazon is one of the public’s favorites because it works with many queen bed foundation.

Latex Foam Mattress

Memory foam and latex foam mattresses both help relieve pressure. They quickly return to their original shape when you stop pressing on them. They must be put on flat, solid surfaces like bunkie boards or thin slats no more than 3 inches apart.

Innerspring Mattresses

Steel coils provide a solid and springy sensation to innerspring mattresses. They work best in conjunction with box springs because the coils of the box spring move in tandem with the coils of the mattress to provide support and shock absorption.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are dense and have an elastic feel. The foam molds to the body’s shape and slowly returns to its original shape when the pressure is removed. Because of these things, a memory foam mattress needs a solid and flat base as a bed frame, like a king bed foundation, so it doesn’t lose shape.

Western Futon Mattresses

Most Western futon mattresses go on top of futon bed frames with wooden or metal slats already attached. Since this is the case, western futon mattresses should be put on slats no more than 3 inches apart, or the mattress will sag.

Can I Put a Foundation on a Bed Frame?

Most customers think the mattress is essential to sleep comfort, but the bed foundation is too. A concrete floor helps support and last longer for your mattress. A bed frame, also called a bed foundation, is any sturdy structure on which your bed sits. It keeps your mattress in place, keeps it safe, and lets air flow to keep your bed cool at night.

Still, there are many different kinds of mattress bases on the market today, and each has its unique features. For example, slatted bases offer solid and stable support, while an adjustable bed foundation can bend and flex to make you feel more comfortable. Also, a platform bed frame gives you more storage space under your bed.

The Advantages of a Mattress Foundation

A solid bed foundation for your mattress can help you sleep better overall. Here are three reasons why:

Increases Support

Even the best mattress can lose some of its firmness over time, but a strong base can compensate for some of that. Even the most flexible latex mattresses stay in shape because of this base. It means that you wake up with less body pain overall.

bed foundation, what is a bed foundation, mattress foundation frame, queen bed foundation, king bed foundation

Increases Height

A bed frame can give you the height you want. Some bed bases can even give your mattress an extra 16 inches if you are tall. The greater size does more than make getting in and out of bed easier. It can also help cool down your bed at night.

Extends Mattress Life

A bed frame can help your mattress last longer by keeping it off the floor and giving it more support. Even the most basic foundations can protect your bed from the daily wear and tear that comes with having it on the floor. It makes it a good investment.

Final Thoughts

What kind of mattress you have will determine what kind of mattress foundation is best. Most foam mattresses work best with a foundation, while box springs can be used with hybrid mattresses. Generally, a bed foundation is more useful and can be used with almost any mattress.

A bed foundation is not required, but Call-a-Mattress strongly recommends using one to protect your health and investment in good sleep. Read our blogs today and follow us via Twitter to learn more about mattresses.

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